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Hi there! I'am a Fullstack Web Developer focused on Laravel framework Development. 30yo, live in Moscow, Russia.



Chief Technical Officer

Created CQ.RU (an Esports startup project) from scratch. Main features I worked on:

  • Matches, Tournaments, Teams and Players base. Coming from Abios API
  • Thousands of Odds linked with Matches. Realtime parsing of 10 Bookies Feeds. Updates via WebSockets
  • Teams ELO-based rating system called CQ.Score
  • CQ.AI - Betting AI with positive ROI over 80%
  • CQ.Bot - Telegram Bot linked with CQ Website Account, sending updates of user's favorites
  • Subscription / Notification system with multiple channels - EMAIL, PUSH, Telegram, DB (website internal)
  • UGC Betting Tips (Predictions) using real live/prematch odds. Tipsters Ratings
  • International version
  • Blog Engine - Full Power Editorial Features - Embeds, Image uploads etc

What I used:

  • PHP 7
  • Laravel 7
  • Laravel Nova 3
  • Laravel Queues / Notifications / Jobs / Events
  • Redis
  • ElasticSearch
  • WebSockets (Laravel Echo)
  • Docker (compose)
  • Frontend - JS, Ajax, Jquery, CSS/Less
  • Tests

Owner is my hobby Laravel Project, it has various calculators and over 300k monthly traffic. Main features I worked on:

  • UGC - ready calculator creation system
  • 2 languages - Russian and English
  • Smart SEO approach

Owner is my hobby Call of Duty 4 Servers Project. Main features I worked on:

  • Custom server scripts
  • Players stats and ranking system (ELO based)
  • Created full-featured Admin tool

What I used:

  • GSX Scripting (C like style)
  • PHP CLI scripts
  • Website UI/UX


From 2015 to 2017 my wife and I were travelling a World. I was doing some freelance work on WordPress themes for sale. For example design and theme is fully created by me from scratch. Main features I worked on:

  • WordPress Premium Themes development
  • Learning Web development at all

Alfa Bank


Was worked on MS SQL reports. Sharepoint .net interfaces development. Main features I worked on:

  • Web interface for collecting data from Bank employees around Country
  • Complex SQL scripts for generating reports

Various palces

Various positions

Nothing really interesting happened back then


MESI - Moscow State University of Economics, Statistics and Informatics

2006 - 2011

Bachelor of Crisis Management / Economist-Manager

Typical Higher Education

Moscow School #1002

2001 - 2011

Student of the school



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Calculators project

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Call of Duty 4 Servers gaming project

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Out travel blog and custom WordPress theme

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